10 Ways To Say, “I love you” Today

Sitting Together

Let’s be honest, sometimes it isn’t all that easy to come up with new ideas to show your hubby you’re thinking about him.  Maybe these ideas can help! These sweet gestures are sure to let your man know he is thought of and incredibly loved!


1.  Leave an encouraging note for him to find in his car or wallet.  Tell him how proud you are of him and that you love how hard he works for your family.

2.  Make it a date! Grab some groceries on the way home to make a quick and delicious dinner he’ll enjoy, or even just grab some take out and a bottle of bubbly! Then, set up a date in a special spot in your home! If you usually eat at the table, try spreading a blanket on the living room floor and lighting a few candles for an impromptu picnic.  Or take a few cushions and quilts into the backyard and dine alfresco for a change!

3.  Do a chore (or arrange to have it done!) that you know he dislikes. Whether it’s the lawn, picking up the dry cleaning, scrubbing the toilet, or running by the bank, he’ll be so thankful you gave him the gift of time!

4.  Rent a movie you know he’s been wanting to see and watch it with him.  Bonus points if you make some Rosemary Parmesan popcorn to snack on during the flick.

5.  Take a moment to sit with him quietly and ask him how he needs to be prayed over right now.  Listen intently and then take his hands and lift up his stresses and hardships to The Lord.





6.  Grab something special for him!  I love surprising Ron with a special cupcake from a bakery, a split of champagne to share, or with a bag of his favorite Louisianian brand of potato chips.

7.  Slip into something… you know… Husbands never tire of seeing their lady looking sexy, confident and full of desire for their man!

8.  Email him a link to a concert that’s coming up you know he’d enjoy, or a recipe you think he would like and tell him you’re thinking of making it for him this weekend.  He’ll love that you thought to share the ideas with him.

9.  Help him relax. Get your workout in by giving him an extra long shoulder rub or head scratch.

10. Text him a picture of you two on a vacation or at a special dinner with a few loving words about the fun adventures you have together.





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