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Sitting Together

10 Ways To Say, “I love you” Today

Let’s be honest, sometimes it isn’t all that easy to come up with new ideas to show your hubby you’re thinking about him.  Maybe these ideas can help! These sweet gestures are sure to let your man know he is thought of and incredibly loved!   1.  Leave an encouraging note for him to find […]

Husband and Wife Praying

Scripture Based Prayer for Husbands in Hardship

Praying over my husband is one of the sweetest privileges I have as a wife.  My position is more special and intimate than anyone else could possibly be, so that means my prayers can also lift up things to The Lord that no one else would even know my husband is struggling with.  I’m here […]

Bible and Coffee

Praying Over Work

Work stress has become a common, nearly accepted way of life for many Americans.  Men and women seeking to do their jobs well have become slaves to their emails and often bring home loads of work to get through.  In this competitive and even harsh environment, what do you pray for?  Do you pray that […]

Love note

Love Note Starters

One of my favorite ways to remind Ron of my constant and unwavering love for him is by leaving him notes to find.  I first started this when we were dating.  With as much stealth as I could muster, I’d sneak a short little one liners note of encouragement or prayer into his sunglasses case, […]

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