Love Note Starters

Love note

One of my favorite ways to remind Ron of my constant and unwavering love for him is by leaving him notes to find.  I first started this when we were dating.  With as much stealth as I could muster, I’d sneak a short little one liners note of encouragement or prayer into his sunglasses case, the pocket of a shirt hanging in his closet, in his truck console, or in the pages of his bible.

One day I saw a couple of them sitting on his dresser and asked why he’d kept them. I had every intention that he would see them, feel loved, and toss them. But apparently he thought each note, no matter how small, was worth keeping.  Some of them were just torn pieces of paper with four or five words on them, but he thought each was a small treasure, reminding him of our sweet relationship.

I never thought little love notes would make such an impact, but over the course of our dating and marriage, he’s told me innumerable times how he found a hidden note at just the right moment either when he was needing encouragement, a loving pick me up, or a good laugh.

They are sweet treasures, and he’ll know you’ve made a loving effort in surprising him with a note just to remind him that you love him.

  1. I’m so proud of how you _____ for our family.
  2. I can’t wait for you to be home so we can _____.
  3. You’re the most ___________ man I’ve ever seen!
  4. Lifting up _____ to The Lord for you today!
  5. Remember this weekend when we ______? You were so ______.
  6. I love how you ________.
  7. You’re the ______ to my _______.
  8. I’m so blessed to be your ________.
  9. Have a _______ day! I can’t wait for you to be home!
  10. The way you _______ inspires me every day.
  11. I hope you have a ________ day!
  12. Praying ________ over you today!
  13. I love that we ______.
  14. Thank you for being ______.
  15. Your ability to _______ is so amazing to me!
  16. Hurry home! I’ll be waiting with _____ for you!
  17. You’re going to rock today’s ______.
  18. You’re so talented at _____.
  19. Thinking of (sweet memory) today!
  20. Jesus loves you!! And so do I! Especially the way you ________.
  21. I love at our inside jokes, like _______. That one always makes me laugh.
  22. I’ll be missing that ________ of yours all day!
  23. You’re my favorite ________.
  24. Never forget that _________.
  25. I can’t wait to hear about ______ when you get home!
  26. I love the man you are, especially how you _______.
  27. Be the best _____ you can be today, baby! I’m so proud of you!
  28. I love seeing how you ________ with our kids.
  29. You’re the most wonderful ________ I could have ever imagined.
  30. The scripture I’m praying over you today is _____.

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